Best Home Security Camera Systems Consumer Reports 2021

Whether you live in a studio apartment or country estate, everyone wants to be aware that their house is protected and sound while they’re away. It could be the capacity monitoring to potential intruders, by other people’s dogs in the yard, or just monitoring of parties your teenage children shouldn’t be having. Whatever it is, knowing what’s going in your house is a variant that will provide whole of family members with more peace calmness. Here you will find your choice of the best home security camera system consumer reports of which outperform whole of competitors on positive qualities, as well as the best IP and another house security camcorder by same criteria. This quick guide will help you solve which one is correct for you.

Best wired home security camera system consumer reports: general appliances information

Of course, before choosing the correct camcorder for your house, utilizers should study the whole components of future purchase, get acquainted with what is now in trend, how hardline tracking and what channel of information they want, why these fixation what is happening tools are popular, what makes them better than another’s, etc., so let us consider whole of main components before we identification of the best home security camera system consumer reports, which show superior experience of the whole year’s existence such systems.

Today the market is actively promoting such a video surveillance variant as IP camcorders and it is not surprising, because such a small fixation what is happening tool can protect territory 24/7 and does not require a huge internal memory or power, but we will not go deeper … First, let’s study what it is, how it works and what place it occupies in rated among buyers.

Best wireless home security camera system consumer reports: What is an IP recording tool and how it works?

An IP appliance is simply a camcorder that can pass to video data over the Internet or a special data connection. This means that you can use them to live stream what is and is happening near the camers. You can study the whole of the recorded material via your laptop, smartphone, or virtually any other Internet-connected camcorder with a browser. And even if you’re on another side of the globe, you’ll still be able to monitor your property anytime, anywhere. An IP fixation what is happening tool doesn’t have the complicated setting process or expensive wiring expenses that a surveillance camcorder would have, which is why they are in much greater demand today.

Nevertheless, this variant closely competes with standard surveillance camcorders, because many elderly people do not trust the technology, and in other cases, fixed recording tools are superior to their wireless competitors by other positive criteria.

But first, let’s see what other types of external video surveillance exist!

Best home camera security system consumer reports: types of devices

In general, there are many categories of instruments, for example, conditionally they can be divided into such groups as:

  • Analog appliances;
  • Digital (IP) appliances;
  • PoE appliances;
  • Diy- appliances;
  • NVR- appliances;
  • Hydird- appliances;
  • Hardline- appliances;
  • Wireless appliances;
  • Super smart recording tools with canary technology;
  • Box appliances;
  • Dome appliances;
  • Bullet appliances;
  • PTZ appliances;
  • Day / Night appliances;
  • Thermal recording tools (business-only option);
  • Panable appliances.

However, today it is customary to divide fixation what is happening tools for the most part concerning the technology with which all schemes are created: Poe, Panable, Diy, Nvr, Hydird, Canary, etc. As well as areas of application: business or house surveillance and forms.

Types of surveillance recording tools are:

  • analog;
  • digital.

Analog hardware

Nowadays devices have excellent image quality – HD and Ultra HD (up to 8-megapixels). The cost of such models is not much higher than the price of recording tools with standard resolution, but the picture quality is much better. You are unlikely to hear about recording tools other than HD, as all others are considered very outdated. My choice of a suitable device, to tell the truth, was formed only from this category.

There are many advantages of using such equipment:

  • the signal is delivered over considerable distances;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • the ease of setting up such a scheme;
  • it is possible to combine elements in a security scheme from different manufacturers without any problems.

To improve an existing scheme, it is no longer necessary to change it completely. It is enough to replace individual elements step by step. It is much cheaper. In addition, modern technology can transmit the signal at a distance of about 500 meters, and it does not require amplifiers or repeaters, and it will also save a lot of money.

Thanks to the HD devices, you can get the signal without interruptions or freezes, which was often the case with IP recording tools.

Digital hardware

Digital equipment can apply two types of schemes:

  • HD-SDI. Came from the television industry. Transmits a picture at a distance of up to three hundred meters. Installation in this case is simple. The disadvantages are the high price of CCTV cameras, the short range of the signal display, and serious requirements to the quality of the wire. That’s why they quickly fell out of favor;
  • IP. Its main advantage is the scalability of the scheme, which is important for large-scale projects. Besides, it is a network technology, so there is no need for auxiliary devices for signal transmission and data storage. But there are serious disadvantages. For example, the signal transmission without additional equipment is only 100 meters. If the network is overloaded, delays will occur.

Megapixel hardware

In a securely scheme, it is very important to get a clear picture, which today and allowed to do modern CCTV cameras. If the system won’t find and register large objects, the whole security scheme will be inefficient or will fail to perform its function.

1-megapixel technology

Today such recording tools are practically not in demand – the resolution of their picture is 1280×720 pixels. However, in some cases, the use of such devices is justified, especially if it concerns a very small area. In addition, the price here is very low, and not even the camera itself, but the fact that it reduces the number of hard drives. The load on the local network is also reduced.

2-megapixel technology

Such cameras are standard in safety schemes. And it can be both IP- devices and HD patterns. The resolution, in this case, is 1920x10180mp. If you already have a security scheme, you do not need to change it completely. It is enough to install 2 megapixel fixation what is happening tools at the most important points which require special attention. For example, it can be a cash register, a gate where cars are constantly passing, or a reception desk. Picture quality will be enough to recognize the offender’s face or license plate number.

3-megapixel technology

3-megapixel network fixation what is happening tools have a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. At one time, manufacturers of analog HD devices worked very hard to increase their resolution to this figure.

Such schemes perform many tasks:

  • you can get a detailed image of small objects, such as people’s faces or license plates;
  • the view of the device covers a sufficiently large area;
  • you can remotely view video footage or access its archives.

Such recording tools are already much more widely used. They are installed in stadiums, parking lots, bank buildings, city squares, etc.

The data volume is greatly reduced by compression with one of the compression codecs – MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264.

There are cases when detailed imagery is needed only in two points of one object. Then it’s rational to use a surveillance system, which will be both analog and IP- devices. Information is recorded using hybrid recorders. But today 3 megapixels is not the better solution. Nowadays manufacturers offer fixation what is happening tools with 5, 10, 12, and 20-megapixel resolution.

12-megapixel technology

These fixation what is happening tools are characterized by very clear and detailed images. In this case, there is also less need for cabling, which makes the system much cheaper. It is possible to create quite complex analytics. That is, the capacity to read transport, recognize human faces, can be a detector of abandoned objects, and much more.

If you have decided what type of external surveillance device is correct for you, then it is time to study the selection criteria, which should be considered by every potential buyer, regardless of the type of camera chosen.

Best outdoor home security camera system consumer reports: what should you consider when choosing?

There are two limitations when you want to set an outside safety appliance. The first thing to consider is that the camcorder is powered by the mains, so you’ll either need a plug near the unit or have to fuss with some extension cables. The another difficulty is that whole of lenses have a different field of view – this is expressed in degrees, and the higher the number, the larger the area the camcorder can effectively “see”. So make sure you find the better position for the appliance you are going to set before you proceed.

How is the video stored?

Most camcorders today provide repository hoarder variants, so you don’t have to rely on storing video on a memory stick or local computer. You usually get a variable amount of free hoarder as part of the package, but then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for additional file (video) hoarder space. Most fixation what is happening tools only record video when they detect movement or body heat if they have infrared sensing, but some do record video the whole of the time – as you may realize, days and weeks of video take up a lot of space, so they require more hoarder than standard flashcards. However, you shouldn’t rely on footage stored locally, as a skilled thief could simply physically remove the camcorder micro-SD card, or even steal the NAS drive.

What resolution do you want from your appliances?

Camcorders today mostly have sensors with resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p. As you might expect, a higher number of picture resolutions usually results in sharper and more perfect footage. However, the sharper the image you want, the faster the memory will fill up with footage, so many camcorders today are introducing automatic character compression into their functionality to save hoarder space. So it turns out that the user has to choose – to pay for goodness and fast-filling storage, which will require additional subsidies more often, or to opt for worse picture character, but save on paying to hoarder.

Anything else?

If you want daytime or nighttime video, the best home security camera system consumer reports back that up would be a camcorder variant with night vision mode. And if you also want to hear through the fixation what is happening tool, consider a built-in microphone and speakers.

Consumer reports best wireless home security camera system of all years

Let’s take a look at which solutions utilizers prefer, on the grounds of reviews from the Web. We will also not take into account the year in which these house camcorders were popular, only the volume of positive reviews. And let’s close our eyes to how actively occupy the position of the better variants kit of fixation what is happening tools with DYI technology because today this option is the most popular and easily beats any previously known variant kit of camcorders without DYI. Additionally, let’s try to understand exactly why these patterns have become the leading of the variety in the CCTV market and conduct a detailed review.

Best home security camera system consumer reports – Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2: the most versatile house video camcorder

Netgear’s all-weather Arlo Professional 2 is one of the most flexible surveillance camcorders you can buy. It unequivocally top a rated of the most popular video surveillance fixation what is happening tools, if only because its channel and hardline surveillance, will help you track thieves or dogs on your property. Truth be told, my choice would also fall on that variant. The wireless, battery-powered design allows for easy, discreet positioning, yet it’s small enough to be easily hidden – the magnetic basis to sticking to metal surfaces is the perfect move. The 130-degree field of view is impressively wide, and the 1080p picture resolution provides excellent picture character. The camcorder automatically turns on when it detects traffic, and the batteries should last up to six months.

While the base product is expensive, the repository hoarder variants are very reasonable, as seven days’ worth of footage is stored to free, and the rest of the content is available for longer if you’re willing to pay. You can even get 24/7 fixation what is happening in the repository without stopping for a monthly fee.

If an all-wireless scheme has its drawbacks, you need a base station to download footage to the repository, but in fact, it’s a small price to pay for such a brilliant house safety network.

Best home wireless security camera system consumer reports – D-Link DCS-2802KT

D-Link DCS-2802KT: the better dome all-in-one safety camcorder with repository hoarder.

The D-Link DCS-2802KT may not have the most memorable name, but it sounds almost as nice as the Arlo Professional 2. It cannot to save 24/7 footage to the repository but otherwise does everything with wireless appliances that can be indoors or externals and run for months without recharging.

The only advantage it has over the Arlo Professional 2 is the price, and the D-Link variant is more attractive if you buy multiple camcorders.

But even better, the whole of the appliances come with a year’s price of repository hoarder in the box to up to five fixations what is happening tools, which is pretty darn generous. At the end of the year, it will be a free plan (up to three shooting tools and 24 hours a day), but it’s much more attractive than paying huge monthly fees like with another camcorder variant.

Most likely, it’s this budget-friendly and at the same time great functionality that has allowed this camcorder to win the hearts of many owners of this fixation what is happening tool.

Best wired outdoor home security camera system consumer reports – Logitech Circle 2

Logitech Circle 2: The better safety camcorder

The Logitech Circle 2 is an innovative handling to the house safety camcorder genre that’s worth checking out if the Netgear and Google alternatives are too expensive. It expenses less than the full Arlo camcorder established and is nearly half the price of the Nest IQ camcorder – but it boasts several innovative features, particularly mounting variants, including battery-powered to those who want to place the camcorder away from a plug socket.

Additionally, the Circle 2 has the whole of the basic features you need: 1080p video capture, two-way audio, weatherproofing, night vision, and video available via the repository. The picture character is excellent, and another notable feature is that the camcorder has an incredibly wide 180-degree viewing angle.

The software is great, too. It automatically detects motion, can distinguish between general traffic and people, highlighting these “events” on a timeline view that goes with the video stream, and allows you to generate slow- traffic video events over a given period.

You get access to 24 hours of footage to free, but if you want to keep the personality recognition, traffic zones, and customizable slow motion features, you have to pay for a subscription, which is quite expensive. That’s the only frustration with this variant, which is apparently why the camcorder has become popular with users.

And so, if it’s obvious with the user repts on the use of CCTV camcorders over time, what are the preferences utilizers have given year after year? Let’s explore that question as well!

Consumer reports the best security camera system for home 2016

So what was popular and among the top external surveillance fixation what is happening tools in 2016? Let’s break it down in order.

Dahua SD22204T-GN

This model is equipped with a character rotary mechanism, which functions with nice speed. He triggers automatically, but the operator has the capacity to control the shooting tool. In the first case, you can select the position of the product or set the trajectory of the pattern rotation.

The appliance has a lens that supports the option to adjust the focal length. This allows you to get an image on different scales.

The model is equipped with digital zoom and has a nice resolution. The product can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Pros of

  • high-quality lens with the capacity to adjust the focus distance;
  • availability of a swivel mechanism;
  • character video analysis;
  • multithreaded encoding;
  • the capacity to record pictures on a memory stick.


  • the lack of infrared illumination.

Hikvision DS-2CD2055FWD-I

This model is designed for outdoor shooting. The device features a high level of detail and a quality video analytics scheme. Thanks to this, the product can recognize the faces of citizens caught in the lens, count the number of people, react to sudden changes in environmental conditions.

The broadcast pattern occurs in multithreaded mode. In this case, technological codecs can compress any stream.

Pros of

  • high-quality picture detail;
  • a large number of adjustable modes;
  • a character video analysis scheme;
  • it is possible to record video on a memory card;
  • high-speed shooting;
  • strong design;
  • availability of protection from dust and moisture;
  • wide temperature range.


  • Only one area of focus.

Best home security camera system consumer reports 2017

Moving smoothly to the best home security camera system consumer reports speak for themselves. Here are the 2017 user repts. Some pretty unusual patterns made it here:

EZVIZ Mini Pano

This is a fish-eye-type pattern that covers a large area of the shooting. Because of this, only one device can be used to video surveillance indoors.

The product is characterized by a short focal length. That is what allows you to cover a large area. However, all shapes will be distorted.

The model is equipped with a wireless connection scheme. It does not need to run wires all over the room to connect it with other appliances. The fixation what is happening tools features the ability to transmit sound in both directions.


  • wide viewing angle;
  • wi-fi support for wireless connection;
  • audio transmission in both directions;
  • compact dimensions;
  • user-friendly software;
  • the body is practically not heated during operation.


  • image distortion;
  • short backlight range.

HiWatch DS-I114

This is a compact device, which has the capacity to detect the heat source at a distance of 10 meters and then turns on automatic image fixation what is happening. The model is equipped with a good microphone and speaker.

The product is characterized by the transmission of high-character images without distortion of shapes. The image is recorded on a memory card or transmitted via Wi-Fi to any CCTV appliances.

Advantages of

  • compact dimensions;
  • sound transmission in both directions;
  • availability of the sensor that reacts to the object heat;
  • the ability to record images to a memory stick;
  • transferring images to a cloud service or the recorder;
  • good shooting speed;
  • original design;
  • reasonable cost.


  • poor packaging;
  • average quality of shooting at night;
  • not a too powerful a Wi-Fi module.

Best home security camera system consumer reports 2018

In 2018, you can only see two patterns, the best home security camera system consumer reports that set them apart from the bulk of the options:

RVi-HDC421 (2.7-12)

This model is characterized by support for almost all analog transmission standards. The device features a good picture quality and the ability to adjust the focal length.

The appliance is equipped with infrared illumination, which has a long-range. The model shoots at a distance of 130 m, while the device can recognize faces at a distance of 26 m.

Pros of

  • the focal length can be adjusted;
  • goodness infrared illumination with a long range;
  • possibility to connect via wire, a length of 500 m;
  • reasonable cost;
  • not bad quality of the image;
  • stylish design.


  • lack of protection against unauthorized interference.

Dahua SD29204T-GN

This device is recommended for shooting in rooms with a large area. The fact is that the patterns record a picture at a distance of 120 meters. At the same time, the product can recognize faces at a distance of 12 meters. The device is equipped with infrared illumination and a built-in microphone, which significantly increased the cost of the appliance.

Pros of

  • high-quality lens that allows you to set the focus of the desired parameters;
  • built-in microphone;
  • rotating appliance;
  • quality analysis of the recorded video;
  • multithreaded encoding system;
  • the ability to record pictures on a memory card and transfer the image to the recorder.


  • lack of vandal-resistant housing.

Best home security camera system consumer reports 2019

2019 also gave us new variations of the best home security camera system consumer reports that match these conclusions.

Vstarcam C8815WIP

This device is notable for its reasonable cost, ease of installation, connection, and configuration. The model has a removable antenna and a sensitive sensor with high resolution. The appliance is recommended for use for video surveillance in private houses.

The device is equipped with a built-in lens with a nice focal length and illumination with a range of up to 15 m. The model is characterized by automatic switching from day to night mode.

The body of the appliance has reliable protection against moisture. The recording tool features the ability to connect to the recorder by wire or via Wi-Fi.

Advantages of

  • reasonable cost;
  • quick connection to the recorder;
  • ease of installation and setup;
  • the ability to install an external amplifier or use the device at maximum power.


  • lack of zoom;
  • a limited number of “smart” options;
  • short backlight range.


This model in this category is distinguished by the best combination of cost/quality. The device is equipped with quality housing, which has protection from external negative weather manifestations, as well as from mechanical damage.

The appliance has a good lens with a nice focal length. In addition, the patterns are equipped with an infrared filter to better shooting quality.

The device has a good shooting speed. At the same time, the picture quality remains at a nice level.

Pros of

  • high level of protection against moisture and dust;
  • compact size;
  • lightweight;
  • good quality of shooting;
  • support of various technologies and options;
  • possibility of use in different weather conditions.


  • short backlight range.


The device is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The model has a wide range of focal lengths, which allows you to get a detailed and enlarged image. The device is characterized by high-quality shooting at any time of day in all weather conditions.

The model has a large number of “smart” options. Thanks to this, the device analyzes the image, removing unnecessary frames. As a result, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

The device is equipped with a sensitive sensor with high resolution. The body of the pattern has reliable protection not only from moisture but also from mechanical damage.

Advantages of

  • wide range of focal lengths;
  • the ability to use both outside and inside;
  • high-quality shooting at any time of the day in all weather conditions;
  • video analysis;
  • economical power consumption;
  • stylish design;
  • the ability to record video in different modes;
  • high quality protected housing;
  • a large number of additional options that increase the functionality of the device.


  • high cost.

Best home security camera system consumer reports 2020

Rounding out our piece today on the best home security camera systems whose consumer reports show an incredibly positive user experience will be the patterns popular in 2020.


This is a vandal-resistant outdoor camera that is capable of 1080p video recording and has a 2 MP CMOS sensor. The device has a fixed focus lens, special night mode, and infrared illumination, which works up to 40 meters. There is also a motion sensor.

There is WDR support, P2P support, a memory card slot, and video is transmitted using a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi transmitter. There is protection from water, corresponding to the standard IP25. The picture is of sufficient quality. And the camera has a very strong vandal-proof housing that protects it from various damages.

The software to control the camera can be downloaded from the official website. The product itself has details at a fairly high level, the optimal set of functions, easy operation, and installation, interesting design, good brightness indicators, the ability to send video to the server, a high degree of compression.

Pros of

  • video in 1080p;
  • 40 meters of IR illumination;
  • transmission over Wi-Fi;
  • expansion 1920×1080 pm;
  • vandal-resistant housing;
  • water protection;
  • there is a night mode;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • quality assembly.


  • none

PS-link GBUF20

Outdoor 3G/4G pattern with IP66 protection and powerful IR illumination up to 80 meters. The main video stream camera has a resolution of 1920×1080 pm. Can work with a SIM card from any operator that supports 3G/4G data transfer protocols. The appliance also supports micro-SD cards up to 128 GB.

Setting up the device and remote viewing is done with a mobile recording tool on your smartphone. It is also possible to remotely view the archive of recordings from the memory card. The camera can be a 4G-WIFI router for other devices, including WIFI camers. The solution is perfect to those recording tools where the mobility of a video surveillance scheme is needed.

The model has a good price to quality ratio, as well as excellent functionality, high-definition picture, a good level of contrast. Video can be uploaded to the cloud, where the subsequent analysis of the stream will take place. The device has a good ability to capture moving objects, as well as detailed pictures in all cases.

Pros of

  • working with 4G LTE;
  • support for micro-SD 128GB;
  • there is a Wi-Fi adapter;
  • 1080p video;
  • protection class 66;
  • H.264 codec;
  • motion sensors;
  • setting with your smartphone;
  • backlight range of 80 m.


  • none

Now you have familiarized yourself with all the options of the best home security camera system consumer reports which meet all the needs of the customer, so you should not have a single problem when choosing a device for your house. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, along with the best home security camera system consumer reports of which you can find here and now!